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2022 Energy & Utilities: Change We Predicted

2022 is validating the turbulence we predicted as the year began. Increasing energy prices and consistently high inflation have added to mix of challenges. Leaders are reacting and preparing for change – in the industry, across the enterprise and in terms of IT. Decarbonization is the word of the day.

For Oil & Gas enterprises, prices have stabilized at what appears to be a higher, yet reasonably stable level following the historic industry demand fall-off during Covid. This year is bringing opportunities for companies who are well positioned for the energy transition. Leaders have been accelerating digital transformation and re-visiting business models that drive growth and focus on renewables.

Meanwhile, the Chemicals, Metals & Mining industry has experienced continued growth – but still is being impacted by inflationary and supply chain pressures. This year has been one of enhanced investments in technology and digital initiatives.

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Industry-specific Understanding & Best-in-Market Solutions

ISG has the industry knowledge and experience to advise utilities on cloud and agile digital projects, divestitures, mergers and acquisitions and more.

ISG can help you:

  • Rapidly reduce O&M costs in response to intense budgeting pressures
  • Re-imagine IT operating models to increase agility in the digital age
  • Find the right SI partner to manage new capital project implementations
  • Reconcile incompatible IT landscapes and service delivery models post-acquisition / divestiture
  • Design and source utility-specific vendor management solutions
  • Guarantee regulatory-grade benchmarks and provide expert testimony when required

Go digital with us:

  • Manage the risks of building new digital platforms
  • Increase agility and improve IT value during service agreements’ renewal periods and beyond
  • Ensure industry-leading digital experiences from your providers
  • Control the costs and risks of moving to cloud-based solutions

Ensure Regulatory-Grade Benchmarks

Many regulators put the onus on you to demonstrate that your costs are reasonable with outside benchmarks. When it comes to providing testimony as an expert witness for utilities, our competitors’ survey approach to data and benchmarking is not sufficiently dependable on the stand. At ISG, we do not collect benchmarking data through broad-based surveys, and we do not purchase data for benchmarking purposes. Instead, we provide:

  • Data from over 6,000 unique benchmarking assignments and from ISG’s proprietary database, including operational and financial data, key performance indicators (KPIs) and other performance measures
  • Benchmarks according to size, project scope and support function which use robust, repeatable methodologies and built-in data integrity and validation

Get visibility into the root causes of your gaps in performance and actionable recommendations to achieve the “right cost to serve.” Along with these key insights, ISG is experienced at testifying to our benchmarking methodologies and resulting studies in regulatory proceedings around the world.

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