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Happy employees are productive employees, but it’s not an easy task to keep culture and employee engagement alive.

That's where ISG comes in.

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5 Reasons to Start an Enterprise Mentoring + DEI Sponsor Initiative Now

The Association for Talent Development found that training increased manager productivity by over 20%. Not bad! But managers with mentors increased productivity by over 88%. Read ISG's article for 5 reasons to start an enterprise mentoring + DEI sponsor initiative today.

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How to Elevate Leadership & Culture in Your Organization

Businesses across the globe are recognizing the incredible impact and importance of employee engagement and creating a positive culture. It is now firmly on Board agendas. Bottom line, happy employees are productive employees. But it’s not an easy task to keep culture and engagement alive. That’s where ISG comes in.

It takes more than an employee engagement survey to improve culture, and it takes structure to derive value from mentoring and leadership development initiatives. ISG enhances organizational culture and improves employee engagement by helping your leaders understand what truly makes your organization tick. We use proven methodologies to operationalize engagement by empowering leaders at all levels to drive direct impact with their teams.

Mentoring & DEI Initiatives

Drive greater inclusion, belonging, engagement & retention via mentoring.

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Leadership Development

How are you preparing your next generation of leaders?

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Culture Alignment

Create a positive culture to drive employee experience & productivity.

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