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We provide world-class research, insights and guidance on the technology industry for enterprises, investment firms, software providers and service providers around the globe. 

Our superpower? ISG doesn't just do research - every day, our advisors work with over 900 blue chip clients on modernization, optimization and transformation, helping our clients assess, select and source technology from service and software providers for best possible outcomes.

The firm influences over $200B of technology investments, with over $20B in advised ACV, over 180,000 contracts and over 32,000 client engagements, making our influence unparalleled by anyone in the industry.

Our research is tangible, actionable and relevant to your business and IT decisions today. And with our world-class client experience, we remain dedicated to your desired outcomes.

ISG Provider Lens™

Inform your technology strategy and digital transformation with market insights and service provider comparisons.

Get easy access to IT and BPO provider intelligence on key technologies and trends – all powered by ISG’s advisory experience and data-driven research.

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Software Research

Inform your technology investment decisions with insights and research on enterprise software providers and their products from Ventana Research.

Get access to easy-to-digest insights and buyers guides on key software vendors and trends – all powered by ISG’s advisory experience and data-driven research.

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ISG Events

Attend for thought leadership and actionable insights. Enterprises may qualify for a complimentary ticket - contact us for yours.

We host intimate gatherings with limited non-enterprise attendees. Providers can partner with us to attend.

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ISG ProBenchmark®

Real-time benchmarking and price intelligence for IT, BPO and network services, including cybersecurity and other business priorities.

Ensure that the prices you pay (or charge) are aligned with the market.

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Provider Solutions

For service providers, system integrators and software providers, we help ensure optimal outcomes through a consultative approach to being your strategic partner.

ISG helps you differentiate using our advisory channel to gain awareness in the market and grow using our unique practitioner-led approach and expertise in outsourcing, managed services.

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Supplier Intelligence

Get research, rates data, contract benchmarks and real-time analytics in one platform.

Maximize your technology investments and mitigate supplier risk with comprehensive supplier analytics, service provider comparison and sourcing market insights.

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Software & Service Provider Comparison Research Agenda

Full-year 2024 agenda for our ISG Provider Lens and Buyers Guides research products.

Software Providers      Service Providers


Software Providers

Study NameLaunch MonthPublish MonthStudy Brochure
Office of Revenue - CommerceJanuaryJuneLearn more
Office of Revenue - CRM JanuaryJuneLearn more
Office of Revenue - Revenue Performance Mgmt.JanuaryJuneLearn more
Office of Revenue - Subscription Mgmt.FebruaryJuly Learn more
Office of Revenue - Propose to ContractOctoberJanuaryLearn more
Office of Finance - Consolidate & CloseJanuaryJuneLearn more
Office of Finance - Business PlanningJuneNovemberLearn more
Office of Finance - Procure-to-PayJulyDecemberLearn more
Office of Finance - Consolidate & CloseJanuaryJuneLearn more
Office of Finance - Business PlanningJuneNovemberLearn more
Office of Finance - Procure-to -PayJulyDecemberLearn more
Customer Experience - CXMJanuaryJuneLearn more
Customer Experience - Agent Mgmt.AprilOctoberLearn more
Customer Experience - Contact CenterAprilOctoberLearn more
Marketing - Digital Experience Platforms (DXP)JulyDecemberLearn more
Marketing/Ops & SCM - Products (PIM/PXM)JanuaryJuneLearn more
Operations & SCM - Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)AprilOctoberLearn more
Operations & SCM - Sustainability & ESGAprilSeptemberLearn more
Operations & SCM - Supply Chain Mgmt.JulyDecemberLearn more
HCM - CompensationJanuaryJuneLearn more
HCM - Learning Mgmt.FebruaryJulyLearn more
HCM - HCM SuitesAprilNovemberLearn more
HCM - Payroll Mgmt.JuneNovemberLearn more


Service Providers

Study NameLaunch MonthPublish MonthStudy Brochure
Environmental, Social and Governance Services (NEW)JulyJanuaryEnglish Brochure
Portuguese Brochure
Digital Innovation ServicesSeptemberNovemberEnglish Brochure
Portuguese Brochure
Mainframe ServicesOctoberAprilEnglish Brochure
Mainframe Services - U.S. Public SectorOctoberAprilEnglish Brochure
Salesforce EcosystemNovemberMarchEnglish Brochure
French Brochure
German Brochure
Portuguese Brochure
Microsoft EcosystemNovemberMarchEnglish Brochure
German Brochure
Portuguese Brochure
Spanish Brochure
Microsoft Ecosystem - U.S. Public SectorNovemberMarchEnglish Brochure
ServiceNow EcosystemNovemberAprilEnglish Brochure
Portuguese Brochure
SAP EcosystemNovemberAprilEnglish Brochure
German Brochure
Portuguese Brochure
Procurement ServicesNovemberMarchEnglish Brochure
Procurement Software PlatformsNovemberMarchEnglish Brochure
Digital Engineering ServicesNovemberMayEnglish Brochure
Chemical Industry ServicesNovemberMayEnglish Brochure
Transformational HR Outsourcing Services (HRO)DecemberAprilEnglish Brochure
Finance and Accounting PlatformsDecemberMayEnglish Brochure
Network - Software Defined Solutions and ServicesJanuaryJuneEnglish Brochure
German Brochure
CybersecurityJanuaryJulyEnglish Brochure
French Brochure
German Brochure
Portuguese Brochure
Cybersecurity - U.S. Public SectorJanuaryJulyEnglish Brochure
Private/Hybrid Cloud – Data Center ServicesJanuaryJuneEnglish Brochure
French Brochure
German Brochure
Portuguese Brochure
Private/Hybrid Cloud – Data Center Services - U.S. Public SectorJanuaryJuneEnglish Brochure
Private/Hybrid Cloud – Data Center SolutionsJanuaryJuneEnglish Brochure
eMobility Services and SolutionsJanuaryJuneEnglish Brochure
Life Sciences Digital ServicesJanuaryJuneEnglish Brochure
Insurance Platform SolutionsJanuaryJuneEnglish Brochure
Google Cloud Partner EcosystemJanuaryJuneEnglish Brochure
Portuguese Brochure
Retail and CPG ServicesFebruaryAugustEnglish Brochure
Life Sciences and Healthcare Analytics ServicesFebruarySeptemberEnglish Brochure
Retail Analytics ServicesFebruaryJulyEnglish Brochure
Supply Chain Analytics ServicesFebruaryAugustEnglish Brochure
Future of Work ServicesMarchSeptemberEnglish Brochure
German Brochure
Portuguese Brochure
Future of Work Services - U.S. Public SectorMarchSeptemberEnglish Brochure
Future of Work SolutionsMarchSeptemberEnglish Brochure
Next-Gen ADM ServicesMarchOctoberEnglish Brochure
Portuguese Brochure
Next-Gen ADM SolutionsMarchOctoberEnglish Brochure
Payroll Solutions and ServicesAprilSeptemberEnglish Brochure
Contact Center - Customer Experience ServicesAprilSeptemberEnglish Brochure
Portuguese Brochure
AWS Ecosystem PartnersAprilOctoberEnglish Brochure
German Brochure
Portuguese Brochure
Spanish Brochure
Workday EcosystemAprilSeptemberEnglish Brochure
Finance and Accounting Outsourcing Services (FAO)
AprilOctoberEnglish Brochure
Supply Chain ServicesMayOctoberEnglish Brochure
Portuguese Brochure
Generative AI ServicesMayOctoberEnglish Brochure
Portuguese Brochure
Multi Public Cloud ServicesJuneDecemberEnglish Brochure
French Brochure
German Brochure
Portuguese Brochure
Multi Public Cloud Services - U.S. Public SectorJuneDecemberEnglish Brochure
Multi Public Cloud SolutionsJuneDecemberEnglish Brochure
Power & Utilities Industry - Services and SolutionsJuneNovemberEnglish Brochure
Oil and Gas Industry - Services and SolutionsJuneDecemberEnglish Brochure
Managed Network ServicesJuneDecemberEnglish Brochure
Sustainability and ESGJulyNovemberEnglish Brochure
Portuguese Brochure
Insurance ServicesJulyDecemberEnglish Brochure
Advanced Analytics and AI ServicesJulyJanuaryEnglish Brochure
Portuguese Brochure
Manufacturing Industry Services and SolutionsJulyDecemberEnglish Brochure
Telecom, Media and Entertainment Industry ServicesJulyDecemberEnglish Brochure
Intelligent Automation ServicesJulyDecemberEnglish Brochure


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